With over 50 years of experience our service technicians and team are able to help with all aspects of your intervention equipment and service needs. Our team has the ability to evaluate your operation and make equipment recommendations, but it does not stop there. The technician team is available to help install or adjust any equipment that is used in your intervention system. Technicians will work with your maintenance team and/or contractor to properly setup and install your new equipment.


Our equipment solutions begin with the development of blueprints and schematics to determine your exact needs. We include a wide range of high quality pumps and multi-pump systems.

Custom Equipment

Our expert team has the ability to manufacture and retrofit a wide variety of equipment. We can also build custom spray cabinets (carcass & sub primal), conveyor applications and an endless array of spray bars.

We provide the best equipment and routine service possible.
Should any issues arise with the equipment, chemicals, or your intervention system, our team will be there to assist you.

Pump Solutions

  • Custom pump systems for various flow rates and water pressure situations
  • Single pump or dual pump with backup
  • Real time monitoring available
  • Various mounting options
    • Board mount
    • Movable skid
    • Wall mount
  • Many other options available to meet your plant and product needs to maximize efficiency and cost

System Monitoring

  • In-line pH monitoring with real time data visibility
  • Inventory level monitoring can be connected with real time product usage data
  • Drum level monitoring and notification available
  • Many other options available that can be customized to meet your specific plant needs

Application Equipment

Fully customizable application options to meet your plant and application needs


  • Custom designed spray cabinets
  • In-line spray nozzles
    • Various spray patterns
    • Multiple volume outputs
    • Ability to work with or modify existing equipment
  • Multiple drop and application points
    • Systems available that allow for multiple application points with one pump system
    • Application points can be adjusted without affecting other application points

Bulk Storage & Handling

  • Customer bulk tanks and handling systems
    • Various tank material options
      • Stainless steel
      • Poly
    • Insulation and/or heating capabilities for cold weather climates
  • Site evaluation and recommendations
  • Turnkey installation